9th May 2017

Nutrition and health

When we are young we are least bothered about diet and exercise. Nature has made us in this fashion that before reaching 40, our body generally maintains our needs and keeps our bodies fit and healthy. But the problem starts when we enter our 40s. Reaching 40 years of age, everything seems to change. Our physique, health, appearance as well as our thinking patterns change. The process of metabolism starts slowing down and the food and diet we are consuming, may not give the same results. At this stage you might even start to become aware of all the new cosmetic surgery treatments on the market. It is therefore imperative to change your diet. Go for the best nutrition that is required by your body and you will be able to look good and feel better. You will also fight diseases easily and add good few years to your life. In the following few lines I shall be discussing factors that have to be addressed after crossing 40 years of age.

Weight Management
Both men and women start gaining weight as they enter 40. The problem is losing that belly fat which has accumulated due to bad habits of previous 40 years. Nature helps to lose this fat easily before 40 but as you enter 40, it really becomes difficult or impossible to lose this belly fat. All the efforts seem to get wasted if the diet is not controlled. Diet does not mean that you stop eating. Dieting means to manage the food and eat healthy. Stop eating junks and go for whole grains, beans, poultry, seeds and low fat dairy products. In addition to these stop eating white bread, frozen and processed foods, sodium products, fats and sugar etc.
Bone Care
We often forget about the health of our bones. With age, bones start losing density and become brittle. This process also starts in late 30s or early 40s and in later ages, some people suffer with dangerous bone issues. Keep your bones strong with calcium, milk, cheese and yogurt. Do not forget to use fat free dairy products; otherwise, you will gain weight while trying to make your bones strong.

Heart Care
If you are trying to maintain your weight, bone health and look and you forget to take care of your heart heath then you may lose everything if your heart is in bad shape. Good exercise and good diet contribute towards attaining good heart health but there are some specific steps which you have to adopt to keep your heart smiling and healthy. Talk to your doctor and address the issues related to your heart.

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