MenoPause and women over 40

According to medical science, when a woman reaches a state in which she does not observe menstrual periods for approximately twelve months, she is said to have entered menopause.

There are two more term associated with menopause:
• Pre-menopause: It is a period prior to the state of menopause. During this time, the cycles and durations of periods vary and become abnormal. This transition period is different for every woman.
• Post-menopause: The period after the menopause is known as post-menopause and stability is achieved. Generally this term is only used by the doctors when referring to earlier stages; however, in medical terms this is not an authenticated term.

The reproductive glands in a woman’s body which are in the pelvis are and these are called ovaries. With the start of this phase, the ovaries stop working. Female hormones and eggs are produced by the ovaries.

Age For Reaching Menopause
Studies show that generally reaching 51 years of age, women go into menopause state. However, experiences show that this age time frame is not true for all women. Some have been observed to go into menopause in early 30s as well. So we can say that between 45 to 55 years, generally all women enter menopause. Factors like genetics, diet, exercise and environment may also play some role in this regard. Generally, women with good health and good physical conditions delay the onset of menopause.

Tests To Know About Menopause
Some doctors may suggest checking the hormones levels to know about the onset of menopause. But again, the studies suggest that hormone levels change daily and cannot be checked to know about menopause. In other words, no blood test has been successful in determining the menopause stage. The only way is to know the genetic behaviour and during that time frame if there is a 12 month break from menstrual periods, it could easily be said that the woman has entered menopause.

Treatments For Menopause
Menopause is part of every woman’s life. It is not a disease that can be treated. It is a phase through which every woman has to pass at a certain age. Some women may get psychologically disturbed. They have to be treated with passion and love. Any one feeling abnormal medical condition must consult the doctor and in some cases it is necessary to take medicine to get over with small little associated problems.

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