9th May 2017


Depression is caused by non regulated / abnormal production of Serotonin by the brain. Women over 40 years of age mostly face this medical condition. This results in depression due to hormonal changes. Other factors which cause depression can be a change of environment, psychological aspects, diet, lack of exercise etc. during this phase women may behave in abnormal ways. We have to adopt supportive approach to help women suffering from depression and take immediate steps to help them get over with this syndrome as soon as possible.

In some sections of society, people are least caring towards such patients which may result in dangerous situations and some women even may commit suicide. Such results are unacceptable and are not good for our society. This is our duty to look out for these symptoms and help our women to live healthy life which will produce a healthy and happy society.

Causes of Depression
There are many reasons for the depression; however, women over 40 years of age suffer depression mostly due to following reasons:
• Premenstrual problems
• Infertility and pregnancy
• Depression after delivery
• Menopause issues
• Health issues due to age
• Psychological issue by feeling old

There are a number of symptoms of depression in women above 40 years of age. If you know the symptoms, it will be easy for you to diagnose and take immediate medical, physical and psychological measures for their treatment. Following are some of the symptoms which we observe in women who are suffering from depression:
• Feeling nervousness, useless, or feeling emptiness.
• Not enjoying the daily chores of life.
• Developing thinking that life is not good for others.
• Feeling powerless / worthlessness.
• Not leaving the bed or staying awake till late nights.
• Always thinking about something.
• No attention to details.
• Missing out important things.
• Start crying without reason.
• Eating more than normal.
• Abnormal behaviour.

Be Sympathetic towards Women with Depression
It is very important to understand a women’s depression especially crossing 40 years of age. The depression may cause problems at work, social life and may create problems for married life. We must be highly sympathetic towards women who are passing through this phase. There is a treatment available and all types of help should be provided for these women. This is a temporary phase but if untreated, may result in catastrophic circumstances.

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