Are You Reaching 40?
There are very few lucky women who have been born with strong genetic codes and who do not face physical issues compared with others in their 40s. It becomes really difficult to stay fit and healthy after hitting 40 years of age. If you have not reached 40 and you are not into good exercising habits, it will be really difficult for you to get into the right groove and start exercising. Let me tell you very frankly that if you do not start taking care of your health now, you will be having a number of physical and health issues starting 40 years of age.

Benefits Of Exercise For Women Above 40
Studies and experience show that women who do regular exercise have been able to reduce the risks of cancer, osteoporosis and heart diseases by approximately 25%. Add good diet to exercise and the results further improve.
Another issue which has not been told to general lot of women is that after crossing 45, body muscles start to shrink. Those who are in habit of exercise, weight training or daily physical chores do not face this problem; however, others start losing their muscles and their agility and ability to stay healthy.

The biggest cause of unfitness and poor health is gaining weight after crossing 40. We will not discuss here the reasons why women after 40 start gaining extra weight but this is the most important factor which is cause of poor health in women. When you start gaining weight and start losing muscle power, everything becomes difficult in life. Not only the physical ability, but women start losing the looks and good appearance. This creates psychological and emotional problems which add to the misery and suffering.

We must remember that the exercise must be combined with good diet. Start exercising daily for at least 30 minutes and stop taking high fat and junk food. Only consume good, healthy, fibrous and non processed food that will give you less fat but more power.

Start taking Action Now
The main point is to start now and do not wait for the bad times. Seek advice from your physical trainer or the doctor to prepare a regular plan of exercise and diet. We all have to pass through the difficult phase of life after entering 40 and if we plan well through diet and exercise, we shall pass through this phase comparatively in an easier manner. Additionally, you will add few years to life.

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