Eating well for a healthier life

Women are not paying attention to their diet when they reach 40 years of age. They need to realize that after crossing 40, things are very different. Their requirements are different and they have to eat well for a healthier life. Here are few diet and nutrition tips for a healthy life and healthy eating for women above 40.
• Delaying mental weakness and improving mental acuteness
• Better equipped to fight disease and illness
• Staying strong and raised energy & fitness levels
• Quick recuperation period
• Better self management
• Great outlook
• Emotionally stable

Good nutrition is very important for the body and the brain. A healthy food will keep you healthy, fit, and strong and you will live for a long time. Sensible eating should be a habit which will keep you away from high blood pressure, sugar and heart disease for a very long period. It will also maintain your weight.

Good nutrition is also responsible to keep the mind sharp and you can continue to work intelligently for a long time. It also gives you a better feeling and you feel light and healthy.

A woman above 40 years of age generally needs 1600 calories each day. If you work more then you can increase the daily calories intake a bit.
Of course, balanced nutrition is more than calorie counting. There are many other aspects to creating a nutritious lifestyle.

Healthy food includes fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins etc. many women like to have juices instead of fruits but nature has produced those as a whole. Juices are good but if you eat the complete fruit, it will give you more benefits.
Vegetables are good in any form but green veggies which are uncooked are best after you cross 40. These are easy to digest and help the digestions at the same time. The same function in a better way is performed by the food that contains grains. Whole grain food should be the part of your daily intake. Avoid processed food and go for the natural ingredients.

When using veggies and grains, you don’t have to miss proteins. These are essential part of your healthy diet and missing those means creating problems for yourself. Remember, a healthy food is a combination of all foods mentioned above. If you miss any of the above mentioned ingredients, you are not taking a healthy food which is must for women who are 40 or above.

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