Cervical cancer and lifestyle

Women over 40 face a number of medical issues worldwide. One of these is cervical cancer. In the following few lines, I shall be talking about cervical cancer so women above 40 years age know about this dangerous disease and take immediate measures to help. The most important point is to know about the disease in the beginning to nip the evil in the bud.

Cervical Cancer
• The cervical cancer occurs when the problem cells present in cervix lining start increasing rapidly. These are formed due to presence of a lump or a lesion.
• Causes of Cervical Cancer
• Cervical cancer is caused by the virus
• This virus is called HPV that is Papillomavirus.
• In most of the cases, when this virus attacks, the self immune system controls it easily; however, in few cases this cannot be controlled and results in cervical cancer.
• This type of cancer is the second biggest death cause of the women from cancers worldwide. This results in around 60 women dying from cervical cancer each year. Unfortunately, this cancer is common among women of age 40 to 50 years. This is the time when they are needed most by the families and social circles.

There is a very simple test known as pap smear which can be carried out in a clinic. This test detects the cervical cancer cells in the early stages and allows the patients to have a treatment resulting in significant benefits. The accuracy of this test is around 70% and sometimes women are required to repeat the tests after 6 months. There are other tests as well which are also very good.
Symptoms of Cervical Cancer
• Following may be the symptoms of cervical cancer:
• Vaginal bleeding which is not normal
• More vaginal discharge
• Pain in pelvis
• Feeling pain while having intercourse

The medical science is continuously trying to bring better treatment for cervical cancer. The treatments are available for both initial and developed stages. In addition there are number of different types of treatment depending upon stage, nature and requirement of the patient.

It is always better to think of prevention. As soon as women reach 40 years of age, they must get regular checkups to avoid a number of medical issues which they may face in their subsequent lives. Treatment in the initial stage always gives better results. Delays can be dangerous; even life threatening.

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